wake up

5am. It's literally 5 in the morning. I'm sneaking out of the house with a camera bag on my back, a few light stands in one hand, and a flight case in the other. If my kids hear me I know they'll wake up and I'll be late. If I can just get out the door, I'll be back before they even wake up.

Tyler was already at the spot warming up. He had just done the same song and dance at his house.

This drop was gnarly. I shot the still on a 12mm lens, so I had to be right up on him. A couple times he slammed he ran right into me. Such a wide angle lens makes him seem 20 feet away, but dude was right above me.

I tried a couple of different flash configurations before finally settling on this. A 5600k laying right beside me pointed up the bank. Another 5600k I got onto that roof by hopping over to it from the platform Tyler was dropping in on. And one more hidden one with a green gel shooting at that brick wall to add some color and contrast. This shot was a First Eight employee announcement after all, so getting some subtle match to the branding with that green brick wall seemed like a good call.

The second angle was a Komodo rolling 6k 48fps. Not only was I able to capture some video of the slam and the make this way, but the global shutter also allowed me to cleanly capture the flash for two angles of the exact same moment.

This is the take where he made it. I never even looked at the rest.

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