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I shot this odd picture on the hunt for soapy bubble bokeh in the Outer Banks.

The lens is a Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Trioplan 50mm 2.9 adapted to EF mount and then adapted again to RF mount, used here on an EOS R. I bought this vintage lens a few years back on ebay specifically for this weird bokeh quality.

Shooting with manual lenses (vintage or not) is massively fun for me. For video, I prefer manual focus 9/10 times. The autofocus systems available to me are so insanely good that it's easy to forget how great it feels to NAIL focus wide open with a lens like this, and come away with a great shot.

Here are a few more with that setup / from that trip. In the headshot, look how sharp it is on the eyes! That's wide open on this old thing!

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